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Since 1950, Officine Luigi Resta has been designing and manufacturing critical process equipment for Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Petrochemical and Power Industries.


Since the early sixties, Officine Luigi Resta has been constantly working in the Oil & Gas market. Due to the wide experience acquired over the years, the Company turned to be a landmark within the Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessels supply for the REFINING, GAS TREATMENT and OFF-SHORE markets.


Officine Luigi Resta is worldwide recognized as one of the most qualified Company in the Fertilizer market. Infact since the eighties, it has been dealing with all the main End Users and Process Licensors of UREA, AMMONIA, ACID NITRIC and METHANOL plants.


The wide fabrication range and the broad materials portfolio that distinguish Officine Luigi Resta, as well as the robust know-how acquired over the years, have been the main asset to be recognized as the ideal Partner for the manufacturing of Equipment and the Petrochemical market as well.

The Company has nowadays been dealing with the key Players in the market, with a keen focus on the engineering and manufacturing of most critical Equipment and at first in kind ones


The energy industry is strategic so that beside the Oil & Gas market, Officine Luigi Resta is very actively involved in the power generation as well. Over the years we have delivered several Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for conventional power generation plants and also for recent nuclear projects.


The Company is also pleased to announce their engagement in the Low Carbon Footprint Industry sector, having successfully manufactured equipment for the capture and process Co2, as well as f or the production of renewable fuels.